Water Treatment


CHEMTEC has a specific set of plants dedicated to the industrial wastewaters treatment.

Focusing on the concrete needs of customers, CHEMTEC provides plants both for the treatment of industrial wastewater and for the purification of clear water.

Even though the industrial coating is the main application field, CHEMTEC systems are used in all waste water purification processes, containing pollutants of different kind, optimizing efficiency and drastically reducing waste and running costs.

CHEMTEC systems work best with the CHEMTEC water treatment chemicals that are suitably formulated to guarantee the best results thanks to the synergy between the chemical and the plant.

CHEMTEC is specialized in waste water treatment systems for spray booths and has a variety of chemical products and plants for purification of the water in continuous, transforming the excess paint into insoluble sludge that are constantly removed.

CHEMTEC offers customized solutions supporting the customer throughout the process by offering technical assistance before and after sales, including the design of the system according to the specific needs, the manufacture and the installation of the plant, the final testing and after sales assistance.


– Water softeners

– Selective filters

– UV water sterilizer

– Reverse osmosis systems

– Ion-exchange demineralizers


– Skimmer for spray booths

– Reactors for batch sludge separation

– Skimmer for continous sludge separation

– Phisico-chemical plants

– Lamellar oil separators

– Coal quartz filtration plants

– Selective resins filtration plants