Founded in 2010, CHEMTEC is a young and dynamic company specializing in formulation, production, and commercialization of comprehensive technologies on a global scale for the industrial finishing sector, ranging from surface treatment to industrial water treatment.

CHEMTEC provides technologically innovative solutions with the following objectives:

  • improve the quality of the final goods treated with our product
  • increase the efficiency of industrial processes
  • cut down operating costs by reducing water and energy consumption
  • minimize the environmental impact

CHEMTEC is a strategic partner that supports companies in the field of coating by offering a wide range of chemical products, masking solutions, and installations of its own design systems, including surface pre-treatment tunnels and water treatment plants.



CHEMTEC’s technologies are revolutionary, cutting-edge, and environmentally friendly, bringing new solutions to a field that has been traditionally lacking in innovations.

With thirty years of experience in the field, CHEMTEC upholds its mission statement, Updated tradition, by continuing to improve its formulations and know-how, thanks to the team’s ability to constantly develop and innovate new products that adhere to the market’s increasingly strict safety requirements.

CHEMTEC goes beyond the simple commercialization stage by offering specific services, analyzing the customers’ needs, identifying potential issues, and developing customized solutions that aim to maximize the customer’s satisfaction.

Competence, flexibility, continuous training, and care for customers’ needs, and quick decision-making are the key instruments in CHEMTEC’s philosophy for reaching its goals.


The CHEMTEC team is made of young, dynamic, motivated, and highly qualified people carrying out business and laboratory activities. In Italy where there is traditionally a low generational turnover, has been employing young talents in the hope of bringing innovation to a sector that tends to be resistant to change.


In a market dominated by multinational companies, CHEMTEC is a flexible, dynamic partner, offering cutting-edge solutions, with the customer’s full satisfaction as its sole goal.

Thanks to the strategic synergy with the French partner AERTECH SAS, its distributors and its recently created branches CHEMTECH NORTH AMERICA LLC and CHEMTEC LATIN AMERICA LLC, CHEMTEC is able to provide the customer with support and advice for the applicative phase of the products at every stage of the sale.