Surfaces Treatment


PRONORTEC nanotechnology is a new and innovative chemical process for the metal surface treatment,  based on the use of organic Phosphorus compounds.

The nanocoating created by the PRONORTEC process is highly hydrophobic, nanometric, and it guarantees excellent adhesions and a high corrosion resistance degree, compared with other nanotechnology pre-treatment methods available on the market.

PRONORTEC is a multi-metal product (iron, aluminum and galvanized steel). It is a one-component process and t is not necessary to add any additive to correct pH, nor any concentration of other metals. This process is highly revolutionary both for its ease of use and for the quality of results.

PRONORTEC process is stable for at least 6-12 months and it does not create any kind of sludge. It can be applied by spraying, immersion, or nebulization.

• Iron
• Aluminum
• Light alloys
• Galvanized sheet
• High pressure spray
• Dip in washing tanks
• Nebulization
• Higher corrosion resistance compared to nanotechnological pre-treatments based on Zirconium/Titanium or silanes
• Excellent adhesion between metal and paint
• Does not contain heavy metals (Zinc, Chrome, Nickel). It is neither toxic nor harmful
• Does not create sludges or toxic-harmful reaction products
• Simple and automated application
• Replacement of micro-crystalline or tricationic phosphates
• Reduction of energy consumption typical of phosphating plants
• Waste disposal cost reduction
• Minimization of environmental impacts
• Improvement of the workplace safety