Surface treatment


ORGASIL® nanotechnology is a new and innovative chemical process for the metal surface treatment, ideal for companies requiring high performances in the coating cycles (e.g. home appliances, automotive sectors) and who wish to avoid the typical issues of micro-crystalline phosphating. ORGASIL® technology is a high quality, environmentally friendly alternative to zinc-based or tri-cationic micro-crystalline phosphating and it can be used whenever high corrosion resistance in coating cycles (liquid or powder) is required.


ORGASIL® is based on modified organic silanes with reactive chemical groups, which create a continuous, uniform nanometric polymeric film, bound to the metallic surface and to the finishing by covalent chemical bonds. The protective layer is transparent and very thin (a few nanometers), and it ensures a strong adhesion between metal and coating.


The product range employs innovative formulations, which are 100% exempt from toxicity symbols, in compliance with the existing safety norms. It aims to minimize energy consumption and environmental impact, to guarantee the quality of the end product, and the highest process efficiency.

• Iron
• Alluminum
• Light alloys
• Galvanized sheet
• Tunnel multi-stage
• Works at room temperature
• Free of heavy metals (zinc, chrome, nickel)
• No sludge, toxic/harmful reaction products
• Energy consumption reduction
• Waste disposal cost reduction
• Minimization of environmental impacts
• Improvement of the workplace safety