Surface treatment


CHEMTEC’s passivating products for industrial use are developed for the protection of metallic surfaces.

These solutions are designed for companies performing coating operations and requiring high-quality finishes as well as high-level corrosion resistance. However, chromic passivation or microcrystalline phosphating may afford a greater corrosion resistance.

The product range employs innovative formulations, which are exempt from toxicity symbols, in compliance with the existing safety norms. It aims to minimize energy consumption and environmental impact, to guarantee the quality of the end product, and the highest process efficiency.

• Iron
• Steel
• Aluminum
• Light alloys
• Galvanized sheets
• Plastic
• Manual
• Washing system
• High pressure spray (high pressure lance or jet cleaner, e.g. Pulivapor, Kärcher)
• Dip in washing tanks with or without ultrasounds
• Tunnel
• Flexible and easy to use
• Fast, highly effective passivating
• Very low sludge creation
• Non-toxic nor harmful formulations, free of chromium, nickel, manganese, zinc and heavy metals
• Energy consumption reduction
• Process cost reduction
• Waste disposal cost reduction
• Minimization of environmental impacts
• Improvement of the workplace safety

***At the moment, CHEMTEC systems do not possess QUALICOAT certification