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Industrial finishes require regular controls to ensure that the coating cycle remain in line with the required standardized qualitative parameters.

CHEMTEC, thanks to his certified equipment, offers a complete range of quality control analysis for industrial coating operations:

  • Corrosion resistance test in neutral or acetic salt spray fog chamber (ISO 9227)
  • Corrosion resistance test in humidity cabinet (ISO 6270)
  • Cross-cut test for the resistance of paint coatings (ISO 2409)
  • Rapid-deformation test (impact resistance) of the paint coating through falling-weight instrument (ISO 6272-2)
  • Measurement of the film hardness by pencil according to Wolff Wilborn (ISO 15184)
  • Bending resistance test of coating by cylindrical mandrel (ISO 1519)
  • Measurement of coating thickness through thickness gauge (ISO 2808)
  • Measurement of surface tension of items through marker pens (ISO 8296)
  • Differential scanning calorimetry test through differential scanning calorimeter (ISO 11357)
  • Determination of the crosslinking degree of coatings through methyl ethyl ketone (MEK)
  • Determination of coating’s resistance to liquids – water immersion method (ISO 2812-2)

Once the tests have been completed, CHEMTEC sends to the client a specific, detailed report including the reference to the applicable international regulations, evaluating the quality of the coating cycle in question. The report allows the painting company to prove to its customers the achievement of the declared quality standards, providing them quality assurance of their finished object.