Water Treatment


CHEMTEC offers a full range of high-performing chemical products with special formulations for the industrial wastewater treatment.

Focusing on the specific needs of the client, CHEMTEC develops special custom formulations that ensure the best performance of the process. The results are an exceptionally high level of water cleanliness, extending its life cycle, with the possibility of reusing clarified water in the plants.

These products find their use in all wastewater treatment processes with different pollutants depending on the type of production. They are aimed specifically at companies needing to purify their water in order to be able to reuse it within the processes and therefore optimizing productivity and drastically reducing waste and operating costs.

CHEMTEC formulations are 100% free from toxicity symbols, in compliance with the existing safety norms. They are compatible with any kind of wastewater treatment plant.

The product range keeps evolving. It contains innovative formulations that aim to minimize energy consumption as well as environmental impact, in compliance with the existing safety norms, ensuring the quality of the result and the maximum process efficiency.

  • Coagulants
    Organic or bentonite-based products aimed at the treatment of wastewater. Organic compounds or minerals agglomerate the contaminants’ solid particles, denaturing and destabilizing them.
  • Flocculants
    These products facilitate the clarification of wastewater by aggregating and flocculating the contaminants’ solid particles, making them easier to remove.
  • Coagulants-flocculants
    Products that convert pollutants into sludge by simultaneous coagulation and sedimentation. The sedimentation process facilitates the separation of impurities from the water
  • Antifoam
    Silicone-free industrial formulations used to inhibit and dissolve all types of wastewater foam.
  • Odor removal
    These products are developed to neutralize bad smells coming from fermentation. Their structure allows them to react with sulphurated or nitrogenated compounds.
  • Water hardness additives
    These products are developed to improve coagulation and flocculation or to lower the amount of foam in the wastewater.
Any kind of coating:
• Water-based
• Solvent-based
• UV cross-linking
• Paint booths with water curtains
• Tanneries
• Silkscreen printers
• Flexible and easy to use
• Fast, high-performing clarification
• Excellent purification of process water
• Long average life cycle
• Low sludge creation
• Non-toxic, non-harmful formulations
• Energy consumption reduction
• Process cost reduction
• Maintenance cost reduction
• Waste disposal cost reduction
• Low environmental impacts
• Improvement of the workplace safety